E30 Rear Wheel Bearing

e30 rear wheel bearing

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e30 rear wheel bearing - Beck Arnley

Beck Arnley 052-3215 Seal

Beck Arnley  052-3215  Seal

Since 1914, Beck/Arnley has focused on the customer, offering high quality parts that look and perform the same as the original part. This ideal has never changed. Today, Beck/Arnley is committed to being the premium supplier of high quality import parts within the automotive market. BeckArnley is an original equipment brand that partners with other manufacturers to supply the parts that cars were originally built with. This product is in a BeckArnley package, note that the part may have been manufactured by an independent BeckArnley supplier and the number on the part may differ from the number on the package.

89% (7)

rbearings 13

rbearings 13

Circlip back in.

Now the fun started. The Haynes manual was typically vague about how I was supposed to get the hub back in without knackering the bearing.

I drove it in with a hammer and some old timber to break the load. When it got half way in then it started to push the other half of the inner race out the back of the assembly. I managed to get round this problem by putting the drive shaft back in, and then found I had just enough thread to put the nut back on the end. So i carefully wound the nut on, interspersed with giving the assmbly large hits with a hammer and piece of timber.

Not ideal, but I got there in the end.

rbearings 08

rbearings 08

Bearing about to be liberated.

e30 rear wheel bearing

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