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Deals On Wheels Missoula Mt

deals on wheels missoula mt

    missoula mt
  • Missoula is a city in and the county seat of Missoula County, Montana, United States. The US Census Bureau's 2006 estimate of Missoula's population was 64,081.

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deals on wheels missoula mt - Montana Mainstreets,

Montana Mainstreets, Volume 6: A Guide to Historic Missoula

Montana Mainstreets, Volume 6: A Guide to Historic Missoula

The Montana Mainstreets guidebook series focuses on the history and architecture of Montana towns. Based on State Historic Preservation Office records, this book provides windows to the past, pointing readers to the buildings, historic sites, and parks that act as monuments to Missoula's history. Detailed maps, historic photographs, and lively prose help these guides bring Montana's history and architecture alive.
Explore the history of one of Montana's most interesting communities. Situated west of the Continental Divide, the town of Missoula was founded in 1860 as a trading post. Supplying miners with produce, flour, other trade goods, and later with lumber was Missoula's early raison d'etre. Its designation as county seat in 1866 and the arrival of the Northern Pacific in 1883 and the Milwaukee Road in 1909 cemented the community's role as a center of commerce. Its economy diversified further when it became home to the state university--now called University of Montana--in 1895 and the U.S. Forest Service's regional district headquarters for the Rocky Mountains in 1908.
With a flourishing downtown district and well-preserved historic homes, Missoula's streetscapes today reflect the town's abundant history, thanks, in part, to a successful historic preservation program that has preserved the community's rich architectural legacy. Missoula's buildings, parks, and historic sites are waiting to be discovered, on the streets of Missoula and through this fascinating guide.

81% (18)

Missoula at night: Round 2

Missoula at night: Round 2

So, I decided to take another go at this shot, unhappy with the last where I lacked a tripod. This time, I had a tri-pod and August rainstorms over Missoula.

070Rattlesnake Trail, Missoula MT

070Rattlesnake Trail, Missoula MT


Full Adventure Details Coming soon at pickyouradventures.com

Rattlesnake Trail, Missoula Montana

deals on wheels missoula mt

deals on wheels missoula mt

Day Hikes Around Missoula, Montana 3rd

Missoula, Montana is an active university town rich in character set in the midst of stunning scenery. The city lies at the hub of five merging valleys and surrounded on all sides by mountain ranges. The Clark Fork, Rattlesnake, and Bitterroot Rivers converge near the city center, where the streets are lined with historic buildings and residences from the National Register. A short distance in any direction leads to national forests and wilderness areas.
Outdoor activities abound in the area! In this thoroughly revised and expanded third edition, Day Hikes Around Missoula, Montana includes an excellent collection of 83 day hikes within a 70-mile radius of the city. While several hikes are located within the city itself, most are found in the surrounding valleys, mountains, and national forests. Destinations include both popular and remote trails, from easy nature walks to high-elevation overlooks with expansive vistas across Missoula and its mountain ranges. Highlights include several dramatic waterfalls, stream-fed canyons, fertile valleys flanked by mountains, hot springs, suspension bridges, and historic sites from the Lewis and Clark voyage.
Companion guides include Day Hikes Around Bozeman, Montana and Day Hikes In Yellowstone National Park.

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